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Cameron JamesSeptember 2018

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Joan LukiesSeptember 2018

Process Info

Victoria FastTrack Real Estate Licence Process.

The Victorian Full Real Estate Licence Course / CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) enables you to own or manage a real estate agency in Victoria. As a full licensed agent or principal licensee, you are able to sell and manager property without the need to work through an established agency.

The qualification that you need

These 24 units that the Government require that you complete to be able to apply for your Licence are:

CPPDSM4080A      Work in the real estate industry
CPPDSM4008A      Identify legal and ethical requirements of property sales to complete agency work
CPPDSM4007A      Identify legal and ethical requirements of property management to complete agency work
BSBSMB406           Manage small business finances
BSBRKG304           Maintain business records
CPPDSM4015B      Minimise agency and consumer risk
CPPDSM4003A      Appraise property
CPPDSM4004A      Conduct auction
CPPDSM4005A      Establish and build client-agency relationships
CPPDSM4006A      Establish and manage agency trust accounts
CPPDSM4009B      Interpret legislation to complete agency work
CPPDSM4010A      Lease property
CPPDSM4011A      List property for lease
CPPDSM4012A      List property for sale
CPPDSM4013A      Market property for lease
CPPDSM4014A      Market property for sale
CPPDSM4016A      Monitor and manage lease or tenancy agreement
CPPDSM4001A      Act as a buyer’s agent
CPPDSM4018A      Prepare and present property reports
CPPDSM4019A      Prepare for auction and complete sale
CPPDSM4020A      Present at Tribunals
CPPDSM4022A      Sell and finalise the sale of property by private treaty
CPPDSM4049A      Implement maintain plan for managed properties
CPPDSM4056A      Manage conflict and disputes in the property industry

Students will enrol and complete the 24 units from the CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) with The Australian School of Business & Law (National Provider # 31206). Upon successful assessment the RTO will issue the student with a Statement of Attainment that lists the units of competency that the student has been deemed competent in. The Student Handbook can be found by clicking here. For all the information about Real Estate Licensing in Victoria visit the How to apply for an Estate Agent’s Licence in Victoria Section of the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

What’s involved to complete the RPL Process?

Student Requirements
To successfully complete this process, the following is required:
– you must have at least 1 year experience working in the real estate industry
– you will need 2 Licensed Agents sign a Third Party Reference, testifying to you experience in the real estate industry
– A detailed CV or Profile of your career history
– Copies (or photos) of any Certificates or Academic qualifications
– A list of your or your office’s Current Sales and Rental Listings and Recently Sold and Leased Properties
– Materials that you or a colleague use to market yourself or themselves, eg: business card, flyers, pre-listing kits, just sold/leased cards, web profiles, newspaper, video’s, etc
– Materials that you or your office use to market a Property for Sale or Rent eg: internet ad, brochure, newspaper, videos etc
– Copies of client testimonials about you or your office
– The Contents page of a Policy and Procedures Document or an extract out of a Policy & Procedures document
– A copy of an Appraisal or a CMA or a Property Report
– A copy of a completed contract of sale / lease
– A copy of a completed rental agreement
– A copy of a listing authority
– A marketing schedule for sale / lease
– Photos or a video of an auction

There are questions requiring;
– numerical calculation
– offering true/false or multiple-choice answers
– short answers
– long answers
– Research and project tasks
– Case studies and simulation scenarios
– RPL Interview and review of questions
– Case studies

Students are expected to have a good understanding of the English language as the interpretation & application of legislation is a large part of the process.
Students are expected to have at least a basic level of computer skills, including; emails, Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader and downloading files from a web browser

How long does it take to complete the FastTrack Real Estate Licence Process?

The process length will be adjusted to accommodate clients learning requirements, this may be completed as quickly or slowly as suits the student but still within the appropriate volume of learning requirements.

We’ve had people complete in 5 days.

FastTrack Real Estate Licence Course Pricing

Course Fee = $1495.