How To Prepare For Your First Year In Real Estate

By April 8, 2016Latest, Performance

So you’ve taken the plunge and landed your first role in Real Estate, but what now? Now is the time to the perfect time to set yourself up for Real Estate success. Your first year in Real Estate is crucial, you’ll be putting into practice your Real Estate Registration of Agent’s Representative Certificates, and forming work habits they can assist you throughout your entire career.

1. Listen
You have your formal qualifications, so spend this year listening. Whether it’s to your colleagues, managers, directors or a mentor. Listen to their success stories, or not so successful stories. Learn form their experience and consider how this information will alter how you could conduct your business.

2. Plan
Compile and consider the knowledge you’ve gained from your Real Estate course along with the information you’ve gained form your work experience and begin to plan. Set up short term daily and weekly goals as well as long term yearly and five yearly career goals. Ensure each and everyday you plan out your work day with the sole purpose of achieving these goals.

3. Assess and Reassess
Success comes from continual reassessment of your own output and performance. Don’t wait for someone to have to tell you something isn’t working or pat you on the back when it is. Assess yourself, change things if you need to and consider why things have or haven’t been a success. This looping process of continual reassessment will keep you at the forefront of the Real Estate game, improving day to day, month to month and year on year.

Set yourself up with these habits of listening, planning and assessing in your first year, and you’ll set yourself up with fantastic work habits that can be utilised throughout the entirety of your Real Estate career.